+7,100 acres of open space and more than 180 miles of trails

The largest city in Jefferson County and a neighbor to the west of Denver is Lakewood, which has more than 155,000 residents. Ironically, it was once known as Jefferson City and wasn't incorporated until 1969.  It was quickly dubbed Lakewood because of the numerous tiny lakes and reservoirs that dot its 44 square mile landscape.  Living options in Lakewood range from apartments to roomy ranch homes, townhomes to brand-new homes. Residents there like the neighborhood's proximity to Denver and the public transportation options that make it simple to reach Denver's offerings. RTD provides transportation into and out of Lakewood via buses and light rail.

In addition to William Frederick Hayden Park (Green Mountain) and Bear Creek Lake Regional Park, Lakewood contains 99 parks totaling more than 7,100 acres of open space and more than 180 miles of trails for biking, horseback riding, hiking, and strolling. Seven distinct community gardens are also available for people to practice their gardening skills.

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