Wheat Ridge

It rose to prominence as a carnation-growing region

Wheat Ridge was once a sizable agricultural region that rose to prominence as a carnation-growing region. Wheat Ridge continues to host the annual Carnation Festival every August even though the final carnation growers stopped producing in 2008. Wheat Ridge still has many farms, including True Roots Farm, Five Fridges Farm, and Roost Farms, in keeping with its agricultural heritage. Visit their websites to find out how to purchase locally grown, fresh produce.  Residents in Wheat Ridge can quickly escape to the foothills and mountains thanks to convenient access to I-70 and 38th Ave. Furthermore, Clear Creek juts through Wheat Ridge, offering a beautiful path for dog walks, jogs, and bike rides. Wonderful public parks dot the area, and the Wheat Ridge Recreation Center offers a complete schedule of fitness/wellness classes, kids' camps, art and music workshops, aquatics, and much more to the entire community.

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